new location

After 30 years at the Arguello location, we are relocating to 1185 Vicente Street, Parkside/Outer Sunset, near Stern Grove, three miles from the old Center, two blocks from the L Taraval Muni line and four blocks from 19th Ave. The main asana room is large and beautiful, with oak floors and a high ceiling. There is a second classroom, which will also serve as an Ayurveda treatment room. A full kitchen is centrally located. There is a modest mezzanine that will house a work area and sleeping quarters for two staff. We will offer a regular schedule of open asana classes (including beginner, advanced, gentle and a weekly class for children), meals, courses, workshops, concerts and events to support your complete yoga lifestyle. We will also offer Ayurveda talks, consultations and treatments. Be on the lookout for more in-depth courses that qualify toward the Yoga Farm’s yoga therapy certification program.

we need your support

Renovations have begun and will continue for the next few months. We welcome donations toward those costs. We will also post a wish list on our website. A series of project-specific Karma Yoga Parties are being scheduled for the community to join. Please email us if you can help ( We rely on and remain grateful for your generosity of heart!

We plan to launch a major fundraising campaign in the future in order to expand our space and offerings to better serve you and your Sadhana.


Mark your calendar for the official celebration of the Grand Re-Opening of the Center! We will offer an all-day Open House with free events on Sunday, May 3, 2015—including asana classes, lunch and an evening peace concert. Please invite and tell your friends who may be new to Sivananda Yoga. Classes will also be free on Monday, May 4, 2015 Buddha Purnima. The auspicious full moon will shine on our concluding puja and festivities that evening, beginning at 6:00pm with Swami Sitaramananda. We look forward to welcoming the community and, with your participation, growing into a lively center for yoga training, support, education and sadhana in the San Francisco / Bay Area.

in the meantime

We will open on Thursday, March 12, 2015 for a limited schedule of asana classes and Satsangs, which will be posted here soon.

It will be wonderful to practice together again!

May the grace of the gurus bless us in this endeavor. Om shanti.

For questions, please contact:


O U R   M I S S I O N

The great Yogi Swami Vishnudevananda’s extraordinary work continues! He arrived penniless in San Francisco in 1957, and from his vision and unceasing efforts grew an international organization promoting peace through the yogic lifestyle. 100% volunteer-run, the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in San Francisco is dedicated to disseminating the pure, classical teachings of yoga to the ever-expanding population of practitioners in the West (over 20 million in America alone). The closing of the Center over the summer has actually served to propel us forward. Popular yoga is ready to grow to the next level, as students around the world look to the traditional teachings for ways to deepen their practices and evolve into full physical, mental and spiritual health. The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in San Francisco will lead the way in guiding practitioners to a deeper philosophical immersion into the holistic system of yogic life.